Does Childhood Abuse Cause Migraine?

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A new study claims that emotionally abused children may have chances of suffering migraines after they grow up into adults. This study also says that this holds true for emotional abuse and not for other types of abuse. Researchers say that they found a clear link between emotional abuse during childhood and migraine.

Does Child Abuse Cause Migraine1

After carefully studying more than 14000 people in the age group of 24-32, researchers came to this conclusion. About 13.8% of the people who participated in the study were people suffering from migraine.

Does Child Abuse Cause Migraine2

When researchers studied the people who suffered migraine, they found that nearly 55% of them suffered emotional abuse during their childhood.
This clearly shows that childhood conditions may impact both mental and physical conditions of a person throughout adult life too.

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When children are not given good care and living conditions during their early years, they may suffer many health issues after they grow up.
Genetic health conditions are inevitable in many cases but certain health conditions that are totally a result of negligence can be eliminated if parents take proper care and offer better lives to their children.

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Researchers opine that healthy childhood could prevent certain health conditions. Maybe parents need to keep an eye on their kids and their living conditions and ensure that they aren't abused either at home or in school.

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Story first published: Saturday, March 12, 2016, 18:51 [IST]
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