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Dangers Of Kissing Baby On Lips

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When you have a new born baby, all your attention would be on his or her health. You would be ready to spend sleepless nights to ensure that your kid gets the right living conditions.

Any parent would feel disturbed when the kid's health gets disturbed. When you love your kid so much, there is one more thing to know as a parent. Never kiss your child on the lips and also never let any visitors or friends kiss your child on the lips.

It is not healthy at all as there are certain diseases which can spread through a kiss. Remember that a baby's immunity may not be able to tackle everything that the immunity of an adult could tackle.

Now, let us know about the dangers of kissing baby on lips.


Fact #1

When kissing, the saliva of one person may get transferred to the other. This is how certain diseases spread from one person to another. And as a baby's immunity can't handle the issue, the danger could be more.


Fact #2

EBV is a type of herpes virus which can be transferred to others by kissing. The problem with this virus is that it stays inside the person's body throughout life.


Fact #3

After a kiss, if a baby displays symptoms like fever, sore throat, fatigue and weakness, then it could be due to a disease that is spread by a kiss. Consulting a doctor is important.


Fact #4

Even flu can spread from adults to babies through a simple kiss. Symptoms include sore throat, fever, headache and muscle pains.


Fact #5

Viral meningitis is a contagious disease and can affect all parts of the body. Fever, nausea, chills, confusion, neck pain and headache are some of its symptoms. A kiss can spread this disease.


Fact #6

Cytomegalo virus... In short, this disease is called as CMV. Saliva can spread this disease and it could stay in the body for many years in its dormant or active state.

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