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Common Myths About Adopting Children Debunked!

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Life is filled with both pleasant surprises and tough challenges. Each one of us wishes to have our own family with a spacious house and a backyard for the kids to play in. We wish to have a loving partner, biological children, maybe a dog, and much more.

Things don't always go as planned. At times, people become career-oriented and wait till it's too late to have a child.

Sometimes, out of choice, people decide not to get married at all. Others do get married, but cannot conceive due to many reasons.

A few enlightened people prefer to adopt, only because they want to love and care for the children who're existing without homes.

common myths about adopting children

Others have enough room in their homes and hearts to welcome another child into thier lives. Widows and widowers might want a lifetime company that they find through adopting a child.

If you are confused about this choice and need help deciding, then don't stop reading here, as the reasons to adopt are many. Unfortunately, so are the doubts and myths that prevent people from adopting actively.

Myths, although untrue, have been created out of fear, ignorance or hatred. Listed below are pure facts that will bust some ugly myths about the Indian adoption system.

Continue reading to know how an adopted child can fill your life with some magic and their lives with love!

common myths about adopting children

Myth #1 - Adopting an older child should be my last option!

Fact #1 - The decision to adopt an older child is a personal one. There are many evident benefits of adopting a boy or a girl who is 8 years or older. For instance, the child will be able to understand the situation better and he/she will appreciate getting a family.

The older child might also try to adjust and love his adoptive family more. Adopting an older child implies no 2 AM diaper duty and 3 AM feedings.

common myths about adopting children

Myth #2 - I have to be between the age of 25 and 30 years to adopt!

Fact #2 - According to the rules in India, an adoptive parent must be a minimum of 21 years to adopt. If a single woman is adopting a child, her age must not exceed 40-45 years. If a couple is adopting a child, their combined age must not exceed 99 years. .

The adoption rules in India are also dependent on the chosen adoption agency. There is a slight variation between the agencies regarding the ages of adoptive parents.

common myths about adopting children

Myth #3 - Adopting a child in India is a tough task that is not suitable for working people!

Fact #3 - There are only a few rules that restrict people from adopting children. The time consumed to adopt a child can vary from 1-4 months. Some restrictions include a NRI has to follow the Indian rules and his home country's rules to be able to legally adopt.

A single man cannot adopt a child in India at this point of time; however, recently one case was treated as an exception, in which a man adopted a child with Down's syndrome in India.

common myths about adopting children

Myth #4 - Adopted children display menacing behaviours!

Fact #4 - Children who have gone through years of abuse and neglect tend to be tough to handle in the beginning. This, however, does not mean that all adopted children are tough to handle. With the right environment, care and love, even a troubled child learns to accept and respect his/her adoptive family.

Yes, it might take some extra effort on your part to make an older child feel loved and cared. The end result depends on whether you are willing to walk that extra mile to change the life of a child and even of your own!

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 4, 2016, 16:00 [IST]
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