Can Academic Stress Cause ADHD In Kids?

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A new study says that academic stress in kids could also worsen the symptoms of attention deficit disorder. Researchers say that parents should refrain from pressurising their kids to over achieve.

Can Academic Stress Cause ADHD In Kids

A study also claims that the ever increasing standards of academics and the demand to excel well in education might have contributed to the prevalence of ADHD all over the world.

Can Academic Stress Cause ADHD In Kids2

Researchers say that the people who suffer ADHD have doubled in the past four decades; researchers link this to the pressures in the educational field.

Can Academic Stress Cause ADHD In Kids4

Though attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a neural-biological condition, researchers say that even environmental demands and certain other factors can impact it.

Can Academic Stress Cause ADHD In Kids5

Nowadays, kids are forced to spend more time on academics and less time on play activities. Many parents seldom realise that academic demands impact a kids mental health.

Can Academic Stress Cause ADHD In Kids6

For example, a kids who joins kindergarten a year before is s said to experience more anxiety and behaviour issues than the one who joins a year later. This explains that today's educational system is creating more anxiety than joy in kids.

Researchers say that parents can work on minimising pressure on kids by spending more time with them and helping them play and relax more that study.

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Story first published: Monday, March 7, 2016, 16:10 [IST]
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