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Best Reasons Why Kids Should Travel

By: Sneha A

As adults we know what travelling really is. It has the potential to change lives and people.

It opens us up to newer experiences; situations one would have never witnessed, if they couldn’t have gathered the courage of leaving their homes behind for some time and redefine what living life really means.

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Now, the question that arises is, how long must one wait to be able to get their first taste of travelling? Should all be waiting to grow up into adults to open themselves into this life-altering experience?

Well, no! Every child should get an opportunity to go through this learning process, and the reason why kids should travel is that, unlike adults, children are more comfortable with changes and, hence, travelling will allow them to gain new knowledge in a different manner.

It is not a small world as usually said, full of different things, people, cultures and so much more, parents should not deprive their children with the opportunity to gain new ideas and grow with it.

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Learning should not be just restricted to within the walls of home and schools.

Travelling with kids is definitely not easy, but it is surely worth all the trouble. The reason why you need to travel with kids is that, it is the responsibility of the parents to let their children accumulate as many valuable experiences as possible.

So, have a look at the reasons why kids should travel:


1. Open-Minded And Adaptable:

Travelling will make your children open-minded and adaptable. They will learn to appreciate the differences in people and places. They will learn to accept and respect the preferences, decisions and ideas of others, even if it does not go with their own.


2. Strengthen Your Family Bond:

When you travel with your kids, you strengthen your family bond. You share so many experiences together. The time that all spent together during the vacation teaches the kids value of family being a unit.


3. Open Up:

Children today are all surrounded by various types of technology, which usually keeps them busy in a world of their own. However, a vacation gets them to disconnect with the virtual world and connect with the real one.


4. New Experience:

Travelling brings out the children to an unknown territory and exposes them to newer experiences. New food styles, music, languages, lifestyles, people and so on. It will give them an opportunity to figure out their interests and passions.


5. Different Places:

Travelling with your kids to different places will give them a chance to live in the history and see what it was like with their very own eyes. Simply reading from their text books can never be enough, and travelling allows them to explore in reality what they've just read about.


6. Value Of Hard Work:

Travelling does not come for free and for an amazing family vacation, you have to spend quite a big amount. Here, the kids get to learn the value of hard work and how it pays off. Get them to realise that such finer things in life come with a price tag, and to earn that, one has to be dedicated and honest in their work too.


7. Compassion:

Travelling is not only about fancy and luxurious things, but also a time when kids learn to appreciate what they have and what they usually take for granted. They will learn the true meaning of compassion and empathy to change for the better.

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Story first published: Saturday, May 14, 2016, 19:00 [IST]
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