Checklist When Traveling With Your Baby

By: Sneha A
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Travelling with a baby can be very tiring hence many people avoid bringing their kids with them whenever they have to go somewhere. There are too many things to carry, too many messes to be dealt with and in case if the baby gets cranky it becomes a challenge to get baby to calm down.

All the relaxed holidays and drives you’ve had before having a baby is nowhere near comparable to how it is after you have had a child as all your strength goes in worrying about the fact that how will you be able to manage your babies while all the travelling. You have to take care of their comfort, their requirements, their safety as well as their amusement. You need to be prepared for every kind of possible emergencies no matter how big or small.

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Even after considering all the above factors one always tends to miss something or the other which will leave you constantly fretting about it unless and until you finally get it done somehow. The truth is that with a baby you cannot afford to miss anything and you need to figure out how to manage your babies while you are travelling. For this purpose here we bring you a few tips and some of the easy ways to help you manage your kid while you travel.

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Things To Remember When Flying With A Baby

1. Try to carry some not so messy and easy to eat food for the way so that you can be sure of the hygiene quotient and you also do not have to worry about running after them with a spoon. Have many of such snacks which your little one loves to eat. Little kids can very easily catch diarrhea if you allow them to eat snacks which have been bought on the way especially from street vendors.

Things To Remember When Flying With A Baby

2. If your child is very young and is still bottle fed do not forget to carry the sterilizing equipment with you, it is a must have. You can also carry some other portable equipment like a baby chair to make it easier for you and comfy for the kid.

Things To Remember When Flying With A Baby

3. Kids tend to get very cranky and irritable in a very short time hence to handle such a situation you need to be prepared beforehand. Carry with you some small and not so heavy toys to keep your child engaged during the travel. It would be much better if these are new ones as they will keep the baby occupied for a longer duration. This will save them from boredom and you from going crazy!

4. If it is a long way you can also keep your kids entertained by allowing them to watch a movie on your tab or laptop to keep them interested. This will also be suitable for older kids as well.

Things To Remember When Flying With A Baby

5. Before leaving make sure that you have contacted your pediatrician and arranged for some necessary medicines just in case if any need arises. Keep the pediatricians number saved as well. Also, remember to pack some other things in your mini first aid kit like band aids, pain reliefs etc.

6. Lastly, do not force all the rules you follow at your home at your trip as well. Be flexible enough to make some comfortable changes for your child to enjoy.

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Story first published: Monday, October 19, 2015, 3:04 [IST]
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