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Why You Shouldn't Smoke Near Kids

Smokers seldom care about non smokers around. But non smokers should be aware of the dangers of second hand smoke.

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A recent survey claims that more than nearly a thousand non-smokers die every year due to the smoke they inhaled from their surroundings. This fact explains the effects of passive smoking.

Today, the saddest part is: many parents smoke in front of their kids though they know well that it can affect the health of their kids.

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When kids are exposed to the smoke, they fall prey to many health issues both in the short and long term. That is why every parent must know about the effects of passive smoking on a child. Read on to know more.


Fact #1

Do you know the fact that smoking in the proximity of your children can drastically increase the risk of sudden-infant-death syndrome?


Fact #2

Yes, passive smoking can also lead to pneumonia and bronchitis in children.


Fact #3

Health experts say that the growth of lungs can slow down if parents smoke in the surroundings of kids.


Fact #4

The risk of ear infections in children may increase if parents fill the air in the house with cigarette smoke.


Fact #5

Children may cough a lot or develop breathing problems when adults around them keep smoking.


Fact #6

Your children may turn into smokers after they grow up into adults if they see you smoking all the time in front of them.

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