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Why Celebrate Festivals With Kids?

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Celebrating festivals together is very important as it helps us bond well. If you have kids in your home it is a good opportunity to spend some time with them.

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As every festival is a holiday both for schools and offices, you tend to get some time to spend with your family members and kids.

Also, there is another advantage of celebrating festivals with family. It teaches all the members to work like a team during the preparations that are done for the celebrations.

Also, children who hate to get bored with school and home work will get to do something different for a day and that stimulates their minds. They love festivals firstly because they get a holiday!

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Now, let us further discuss about the importance of celebrating festivals.

Why Celebrate Festivals With Kids?

Reasons For Celebrating Festivals With Kids

It Brings Us Together
Joint family system is gone. In nuclear families, festivals are the only way to come together and bond well.

You Can Teach A Lot To Your Kids
Even if you are not religious, you can teach about a lot of other things to your children during festivals. You can tell the inspiring stories from mythology and share the ancient wisdom that helps in the mental growth of your child.

You Can Instil The Right Values

You Can Instil The Right Values
Most of the stories teach valour, righteousness, good character and discipline. They give you a chance to set the right standards for your kids.

It Breaks Monotony
Too much of school and playground breeds boredom. You kid needs a break. Festivals offer the same.

A Good Bonding Experience
Festivals offer a lot of scope for you to bond well with your children. Use it as an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with them.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 17, 2015, 4:00 [IST]
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