Values To Teach Your Child Before Five

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There are certain values to teach your child before he or she reaches the age of five years. You need to use your parenting skills when it comes to teaching certain values to children.

Why do you need to even bother to teach such things to your children? Well, apart from learning to study, your child also needs to grow up into a responsible citizen and a person with good character. Apart from success, a person's character is very important in this world.

Generally, a person's character depends a lot upon the values he is taught when he was a kid. Those who are taught about good things during childhood would have a better foundation. That is why it is better to teach the right things at the right age.

Well, how do you teach values to your child? As your kids won't be interested if you make them sit in a room and tell about such things, ensure that you find the right opportunity to illustrate how good behaviour really pays off in this world. Also, reward them whenever they behave well following the values that you have taught them.

Values To Teach Your Child Before Five

Mom Talking To daughter

This is one of the first values that you need to teach your kid before he or she reaches the age five. Your kid must be able to tell you the truth. Telling lies should not be tolerated as that would make your growing kid corrupt. Lying, cheating and stealing should not be encouraged but honesty must be taught.

Mom Teaching Daughter

A kid who is taught about justice would know that he should not grab the dolls of the neighbour's kids. Teach your kid about the do's and don'ts of this world.

Mom Teaching Son

Without learning about determination, kids may not get the drive to finish any task on time. Determination gives them the challenging nature.

Mom teaching Kids

When another kid slips and falls, your kid should not laugh. He must be able to help the other kid and find happiness in helping others in need. When you teach compassion, your kid might learn such behaviour.

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Story first published: Monday, December 7, 2015, 12:25 [IST]
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