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10 Horrible Mistakes Every Parent Makes

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When you become a parent, elders in the family bombard you with a ton of parenting tips that leaves you puzzled whether to follow them or not. These parenting tips, which you are stuck with from the other members in your family, are good for you and must be followed, as they can help you from making some of the horrible mistakes related to parenthood.

When parents look at their child, they want to see the best in him/her. Every parent wants to give his/her child the world to keep them happy; but what if, in this process, you make a horrendous mistake with your child, will you be able to forgive yourself? Today, the most common mistake every parent makes with the children is comparing them with their friends.

When you compare your child with his/her friend, your child begins to lose hope and faith. Likewise, many parents tell their children to be fearless. No doubt it is important to be fearless, but it is also vital for the child to have some kind of emotional attachment to fear, which will help him/her to be more expressive to others around.

If your child lacks fear, how will he/she face the world with challenges? Like these, there are a few more mistakes every parent makes, why don't you take a look and avoid them as much as possible.


Teaching Them To Be Fearless

Teaching your child to be fearless can not help them live life with positivity. You should help them to understand the difference between when to be fearless and when not to.


Letting Them Indulge In Sweet Treats

Many parents encourage their child to binge on unhealthy sweets and snacks. The result of this kind of mistake will only show in your child's health when he/she reaches puberty. This is one of the main mistakes every parent makes.


Comparing Your Child

Comparing your child with another is the worst thing to do. It will only affect your child's development and play on his/her mind, which can also lead to depression and frustration. Avoid comparing your children with their friends, and instead empower them to do better for themselves.


Making Them Grow Fast

It is nice to educate your children on modern things in life. But, when parents push this format of parenting way too far, the child tends to act bigger than the actual age and this might tamper with his/her innocence.


Overprotecting Them

The worst mistake parents make with their children is by being overprotective of them. Protecting your children with a bubble will not help them come out of their shell and experience the cruel world.


Preventing Them From Expressing

It is important for your children to express themselves, no matter how young they are. Listening to your children when they speak will only make your bond more special and stronger. So, please allow your little ones to express themselves.


Encouraging Improper Bed Time

Just because it is a weekend, don't allow your children to sit up past their bed-time. Following a set bed-time pattern is healthy and necessary too.


Forgetting Those Manners

As a parent, you should teach your child some manners and values, don't expect for the teacher at school to do everything possible for you. Teaching them certain manners and etiquettes at the right age can help them in the long run.


Just Yelling It Out

The worst mistake parents make when it comes to parenting is by yelling and throwing their anger at their children. If you're upset with something at work or home, don't vent it out on your little one, as it can have a major impact on his/her development.


Making Assumptions Of Them

Parents should never make assumptions when it comes to their kids. By being in assumption, you're creating a doubtful atmosphere, which can tamper your connection with your child.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 9, 2015, 17:30 [IST]
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