Healthy Habits For Children

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Healthy kids are a result of healthy habits. They seldom suffer from illnesses. They maintain a clean lifestyle. Now, how do they know about such habits?

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Of course, it is the job of the parents to ensure that certain habits for healthy life are taught to children at a young age so that they grow up into health conscious individuals.

Generally, every seasonal change makes your kid ill but when precautions are taken, the chances of falling ill can be minimised.

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If you want healthy life for your child, ensure that you teach the following habits to your kids.


Hand Wash

Washing hands and keeping them clean can reduce the chances of many illnesses.


Keep Your Kid Active

Exercise can drastically bring down the chances of suffering from minor illness. Disease-fighting mechanism of your kid's body gets activated with activity.


Enough Sleep

Make sure that you kid goes to bed early and sleeps well. Lack of sleep can invite illnesses.


General Care

Eyes, nose and mouth are some of the places through which germs enter your system. Ensure that your kids don't touch face with dirty hands.



Feed your kid with a balanced diet that contains more of fruits and leafy greens to develop immunity.


Doctor's Appointments

Occasionally, take your kid to your family doctor and get a routine examination done to rule out minor healthy issues.

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Story first published: Friday, September 4, 2015, 21:21 [IST]
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