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Dress Up Your Kid Like Krishna For Janmashtami

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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There is no lack of festivals in the Hindu calendar. Janmashtami is one such festival of the Hindus which is full of life and colours. It is held in the month of Vadra according to the Hindu calendar that falls on the first week of August. Janmashtami is the celebration of the birthday of Lord Krishna. The Hindus treat Krishna as the little kid of their house. So, this is the festival which you can enjoy with your children.

Baby Krishna Costumes For Janmashtami

At this festival, you can dress your little kid as Krishna and Radha and they will also enjoy it to the fullest. Do you know the ways to decorate your kid for Krishna Janmastami? If your child is a toddler, dress him like Balgopal with a yellow dhoti. He will look the cutest. There are many other ways of decorating your kids like Krishna. If you have a girl child, why not dress her like Radha? Kids will love to wear all those costumes and accessories and you can also have fun while decorating your kids like Krishna.

Feed Little Krishna With These Recipes On Janmashtami

Just remember one thing. Don’t use any body colour or too much makeup on your baby. Such things can cause irritation. Janmashtami is a festival where you can enjoy the childhood of your kid to the fullest. But you must make sure that your child also enjoys it. Here are some ways to decorate your kid for Krishna Janmashtami-


1.Dress Them In A Colourful Dhoti

This will come first when you think of the ways to decorate your kid for Krishna Janmashtami. Buy a yellow dhoti as it is the favourite colour of Lord Krishna. You can also buy ready-to-wear dhoti if you can't drape it.


2. Give Them A Sash

Give your little Kanha a beautiful sash across his body. You can match it with the colour of his dhoti. Or buy a yellow dhoti and blue sash. The cutie will look his best.


3. Give Them A Crown

Decorating your kids like Krishna is too much fun. You will definitely want to give him a royal look. A crown can fulfill your wish. Be careful that the metal of the crown doesn't make him crabby. It is better to give them paper or cloth-made crown.


4. Tie His Hair Into A Top Knot

A crown can make your child cranky. To make him look like Balgopal, you can tie his hair into a top not and make a bun of it. Your kid is ready to run around as little Krishna.


5. Don’t Forget Accessories

Ways to decorate your kid for Krishna Janmashtami must include some important accessories. After all you're making him Krishna. So, give him a little flute. Tie a peacock feather into his crown or hair bun. Put a garland to give him a complete look for Janmashtami.


6. A Matching Footwear

Yes, you also need footwear which goes with the Janmashtami look of your kid. Put on any ethnic sandal or ‘nagra' on his feet. When he will run here and there, dressed up like Krishna, it will be a fun sight.


7. Little Makeup

It is a big no to too much makeup for children. Still, you can paint a tilak of sandal at his forehead and arms. A little lipstick won't be wrong. But whatever you use, it should be of good quality.

So, now you know the ways to decorate your kid for Krishna Janmashtami. But a Krishna without Radha is not fair enough. So, mothers of girl children decorate your little princess as Radha. Give them a coloured ghagra and choli and put on some light makeup. As Janmashtami is a community festival, you'll definitely find a little Krishna for her.

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