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Baby Hygiene Tips That Parents Should Know


If your baby is having health issues that recur frequently, it is time for you to watch your hygiene practices. The major reason that can make your baby ill is unhygienic practices.

The immune system of your baby is weak and this can make them more prone to infections. The truth is that most of these infections can be prevented by keeping an eye on how you handle your baby.

When it comes to matters related to a babie's hygiene, everything is important. Following healthy hygiene practices should be your top priority. This should include all aspects of the day-to-day dealings of everyone in the family. Consider trying simple baby hygiene tips, as it is your responsibility to keep your baby happy and healthy.

The most common problems that can affect babies due to unhygienic practices are bacterial or fungal infections, inflammations, diaper rashes, urinary tract infections, allergies and food poisoning.

If your baby is premature, you have to be extra careful and vigilant about taking proper hygiene precautions. Here in this article, we are discussing about baby hygiene tips and simple parenting advices.

Hand Washing

Whenever you handle your baby, you have to approach them only after washing your hands. Unseen bacteria or virus from your hands can create problems for your baby. Whenever you are feed, bathe or make your baby sleep, do wash your hands. Also, wash your hands after changing the baby's diaper.

Sterilise Bottles

If you are feed your baby in a bottle, it is very important to sterilise the bottle well. Boiling it in water is the most effective method of sterilisation that will kill most of the harmful germs. It is better to use glass bottles. Boiling plastic bottles is not recommended, unless the manufactures claim it to be safe.

Clean Baby’s Mouth

They don’t have teeth, but you have to clean their mouth. You can simply wipe their gums and tongue using a soft cloth. This will remove any remnants from the previous feeding. This is one of the simplest baby hygiene tips to prevent fungal infections on tongue. Also, clean the edges of their lips after feeding them each time.

Change Diapers Often

Diapers are of course a blessing for mothers. But, if you leave your baby in the same diaper overnight, chances are more that you are making them more prone to infections such as urinary tract infections and rashes. Change diapers often, especially and immediately after they poop.

Bathe Them

You can either clean their body with a soft wet cloth or take them for a bath. This will remove all the dust and dirt from their body, as well as the dead skin cells. Allowing sweat to be on the baby's skin for long can cause fungal infections in the area. Use warm water and a mild soap to clean your baby.

Breast Hygiene

Breast hygiene is a part that most women overlook. Your body can be exposed to sweat, chemicals from your dress or even deodorants. Cleaning your breasts, especially the nipple area and areola before breastfeeding your baby, is very important. You can either take a bath or, if it is not possible, clean the area with some warm wet cloths.

This article on baby hygiene tips and simple parenting advices discussed some of the most simple baby hygiene tips. Do you have any more tips to share with us? Please let us know in the comment section.

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