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Sending Kids To Tuition Classes: Pros And Cons

By Asha Das

A world of academics at school, home and again in the tuition classes.

Is it actually giving over workload to your kid? Or whether there are any benefits in it? Some kids make use of tuition classes by performing better in their academics. But, at the same time, there is no point in complaining that your kid is sleep deprived, anxious and stressed.

Sending Kids To Tuition Classes

It is a fact that many parents send their children for tuition classes even though they say they really do not want to. This clearly indicates that there are some advantages and disadvantages for tuition classes, which we may discuss here.


Personal attention: One of the most important factors that forces parents to send their kids for tuition classes is the privilege of getting personal attention from the tutors. Some children may find it difficult to understand things if they remain as one among the crowd.

Better grades: Some kids can excel in their academics if they get a special attention. If you feel that your kid cannot follow the way of teaching that they receive in their schools, tuition classes can be beneficial for your kid.

Enjoyable learning: If the tuition classes are designed and executed in an enjoyable way, no matter the timings and load, your kid will enjoy having a tuition class. Tuition classes will help in finding out the exact point where they need special care and attention.

Increase self-confidence: Kids who attend tuition classes have a high self-esteem. It makes them feel that they are completely prepared for any challenges that are associated with academics. Tuition classes will help your kid to get the extra help that needed to boost them.


Rob the childhood: Tuition classes will take the time which a kid has to spend on other activities. This will tie them in a world relate only to academics. Tuition classes will keep children away from most of the fun and activities that they have to enjoy in their childhood.

Timetable life: This will force your kid to live according to a
time table by following the allotted time for each and every activity. A timetable including tuition classes will make your kid spend time in a formulated manner, where they have to spend maximum time on academics.

Stress: Your kids are spending the time after their school timings in their tuition classes in addition to their school, homework, projects and assignments. This makes them sleep deprived, anxious and stressed.

Waste of time: Tuition classes are merely a waste of time for students who are smart enough to follow their school classes. If your kid is hard working, then probably you are wasting their valuable creative time in tuition classes.

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Story first published: Sunday, June 30, 2013, 16:04 [IST]
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