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Ways To Teach Your Kids To 'Choose'

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Teach Kids To Choose
Do you know why we turn into confused and indecisive adults? It is because we are rarely taught the value of choice as kids. It is vital that you teach your kids to choose. This is because life is a journey full of choices. Anyone who is not good at making choices will either take the wrong turns in the path of life or not take any turns at all.

Parents often give this excuse that they do not let their kids choose because the little ones might make the wrong choice. When you are teaching your kids the value to money, education and food, why not trust them to make some choices about their own life? Use these parenting tips to help your kids choose well.

Ways To Teach Your Child To Choose:

What do you want for breakfast?

Start with the simplest things in life like food. Usually, you decide the menu for your kids keeping their nutritional needs in mind. For a change let them choose what they want to eat. We are not suggesting that you give you child unhealthy foods like noodles and pasta everyday. Give the kid 2 or 3 choices of good food like scrambled eggs, corn flakes and parantha. Let the child take his or her pick.

Stand by your choice..

Teaching your kids to make a choice is not enough. You also have to teach them that the responsibility for the choice lies with them. If they ask for scrambled eggs and don't like it later then they will still have to eat it. They will not get a bowl of corn flakes because they didn't like the eggs. Always remind them what Spiderman's Uncle Tom said, 'with great power comes great responsibility'.

What would you like to read?

Most often, parents monitor what their kids are reading or watching very vigilantly. Do not let them scot-free but lower your guard. Let your kids decide what they want to read or watch. If you think that it is inappropriate then discuss it with your children. Either let them convince you that they that their choice is right or you convince them.

What would you like to be?

The question of choosing a career is the most important thing in your kids life. Most parents guide, counsel and even threaten their kids in this case. But, it will be of no avail. If you teach your kids to choose well from an early age, you would not have to break your head when they are 17 and about to choose a career. Even after teaching your kids to decide for themselves, you may not like what they choose. But, here you have to cut them some flak because it is their life after all.

Do you allow your kids to choose? Do share with us.

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 3, 2012, 16:37 [IST]
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