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Pampering Leads To Spoiled Kids

Posted By: Sneha
Pampering Kids Spoils Them
Parents pamper kids which spoils them because they tend to take parents love for granted. Working mothers or parents who do not have time for their kids tend to compensate by gifts. Why parents pamper kids to express love which in turn leads to spoiled kids

1. Pampering When Not Required- Pamper kids means giving them things which is not requited for their mental or physical being. Excess gifts as a sign of love is not required because then kids get spoiled. Pampering can also mean fulfilling all the desires of children even if it is not a necessity. Children learn from their parents they get spoiled when everything comes easy to them without any effort. Parents must not spoil kids by going according to their whims and fancies. Then they never learn the value or importance of money.

2. Over Possessive Attitude- Parents tend to get over possessive about their children. They need to teach their children to be independent. If parents get very protective and pamper kids by giving all the luxuries at their disposal. For example buying a vehicle to avoid her using public transport. By stopping her use public transport parents may getting to over protected concerning her safety. This kind of protected nature and to pamper kids with all the luxuries will never teach her the realities of life. Parents will be spoon feeding them. This will make your child very dependent.

3. Kids Develop Bad Behavior- Kids which are over pampered by their parents develop a disrespectful attitude towards others. Parents need to understand their kids requirement and accordingly provide them things which are necessary. Make them learn to do things by themselves. This will help them get responsible and they might not develop an attitude that parents will always stand by them.

4. Spoiled Kids Are Very Dominating- Kids who are excessively pampered by their parents tend to get very dominating. They become very aggressive and retaliate against anything spoken to them. Parents must limit their material love and try spending quality time with children. As this will distract them from materialistic pleasures and make them civil individuals.

5. Working Mothers- Mothers who work and do not have time for children will compensate with gifts. They need to know that only time can help them understand their child. So the best way is to spend quality time with them. Take out time to take your kid on an outing, talk about the hardships you have faced to give them a luxurious lifestyle. This will help them to know the realities of the world and make them mature individuals.

These parenting tips must be kept in mind that pampering kids only spoil them. And the best way of expressing love is giving time to them.

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 13, 2012, 14:41 [IST]
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