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Teen Mood Swings: What Parents Can Do?

Posted By: Sneha
Parenting Tips For Teenage Mood Swings
Mood swings are a common problem of teenagers. Handling teenagers can be a little problematic for parents. Parents need to understand there kids issues and need to counsel them accordingly. Teenage issues can be petty or at times big but parents need to handle them with a lot of care. Certain parenting tips have been given to handle teenage mood swings.

1. Emotional Factors- Teenage mood swings can comprise a lot of emotional factors. Teenagers have not developed the knack of handling pressures and the anxieties, which life has to offer. They become adults but do not develop the maturity or mechanism to cope with stressful situations. They tend to get extremely sensitive and stressed with even minor problems. These external factors can cause irritation among teenagers. Parenting teenagers requires a lot of patience. You need to counsel your children in a very naive way. They must educate their children about the outside world and its norms.

2.Forming Identities- Teenagers tend to form their own identities and are exposed to the outside world,  which they are unaware of. This causes a lot of confusion, where the pressure of competing and being better than their peers causes problems. Teenage problems like trying to be the best, excelling always can cause a lot of frustration and mood swings. Parenting teenagers can be done by explaining them the dos and donts of the society, so that they overcome such pressures.

3. Parents Are The Best Teachers- Parenting teenagers requires a lot of patience. Parents are the best teachers kids can have. Parents can adopt these methods of teaching and helping their teenage kids
Parents can teach their kids that they are not alone facing such problems. They can help their kids interact with more teenagers facing such problems. This will reduce their irritability and their mood swings.

4.Certain Tips For Reducing Mood Swings- There are certain ways that teenage related problems can be reduced. The best way is parents can inculcate the habit of DE-stressing among their children. Teenagers can adopt methods like exercising which is the best way of relieving frustration and stress. They can just spend time to think that the problem is not as bad as it seems. This will reduce their anxiety. Teenagers can engage in creative activities like painting or an art which can distract them from their issues.

5. Healthy eating habits reduce mood swings- Parents can educate children towards healthy eating habits. By this healthy food eating habit and happy environment will reduce stress which in turn will lower their teenage worries.

These measures can be adopted for kids to avoid mood related issues

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 7, 2012, 16:53 [IST]
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