How To Improve My Kid's Vocabulary?

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Kids Vocabulary
If you ask an average parent what bothers them the most about their children, at least 7 out of 10 will say 'my kid's vocabulary'. With all the jargon that the kids of this generation are exposed to, it is a miracle that they are able to speak at all! What they are speaking is a mixed pidgin. The worst part is that their spoken English eventually creeps it's way into their written language too.

Teaching a language, even if it is through learning games for kids is one of the most difficult tasks that awaits a parent. But do not despair, these parenting tips will guide you.

Tips To Improve Kid's Vocabulary:

1. The One Language Game: This is an interesting learning game for kids and you can play it along with them. The only rule is that they have to speak in a single language for ten minutes. They cannot use words from any other language during this time. Sounds too easy, does it? Try it, even you will be put in a tough spot.

2. Learn One Language At A Time: In a cosmopolitan environment where a dozen different languages are being spoken at once, the worst affected is your kid's vocabulary. While it is good for the child to know as many languages as he or she possibly can, you have to analyse how much of the language they are learning. Are they really proficient in all? It doesn't pay to be a jack of all trades and a master of none. Teaching one language at a time will help them pick up much better.

3. Queen's English: It sounds a bit post-colonial but to maintain the purity of your language (especially English because it is the language of knowledge) is very important. If you stay down South in India, you kids will pick up an accent where they call 'right' as 'righta' and 'left' as 'lefta'. Many variations of the same will be repeated in different parts of the country. As far as accents are concerned your child is under a lot peer pressure to pick it up. However, you have to insist on the neutral accent that is called Queen's English as it has maximum acceptability.

4. How Much Slang Is Acceptable: Teenagers these days think it is cool punctuate their sentences with abusive words. If this trend has been picked up by your kid then you will have to take a call on how much slang you will allow in your house. The connotation of words change from one generation to the next. 'Crap' in your time might have been a slang but that word for kids these days is just casual. Whether it is through learning games for kids or a mutual compromise you have come to a consensus on what is and isn't acceptable.

These parenting tips will help you keep a tab on your kid's vocabulary that is going haywire these days.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 14, 2012, 12:08 [IST]
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