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How Keep Kids Safe During Holi?

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Holi is a festival of colours and your kids have every right to go out and enjoy. This article is definitely not an encouragement for you to stop them from playing Holi. However you must do whatever is in your power to ensure that your kids play Holi in a safe environment. To ensure your kid's safety in this festival that does get a notch out of control every now and then, you have to be a strict but understanding parent. Basically, remember your days and you will do better

You already know the things you need to do for your kids during Holi.; we will tell you how to do them better.

Tips To Handle Kids During Holi:

1. Whenever there are festivals, kids are in frenzy of excitement. The basic idea is to discipline them without dampening their spirits. If you too act excited then they feel that you both are on the same page. There are more chances of your kids following your instructions if you tell them in a chirpy excited tone than a severe forbidding one.

2. Give them a thorough run over with petroleum jelly to protect their tender skin from the damage inflicted by Holi colours. They might protest but you have ask them, 'do you want to go to school tomorrow looking like a red monkey?' They grasp better if they feel involved in the process of decision making.

3. To ensure your kids' safety and that of others buy organic colours or colours that are of higher quality. This makes sure that even if the Holi colours go into the eyes of the kids (which is bound to happen once in a while) it will not harm them

4. You can have a meeting of parents a few days prior to Holi and encourage all the parents to buy good quality colours. The do's and don't's of playing with colours can also be discussed here. If all parents take a tiny step towards educating their kids about safety measures for playing Holi, then the whole process becomes much more civil.

5. Do not swallow it or let into your eyes is the main dictum you need to give your kids for safety. You can tell them a funny story like kids who swallow colours turn in colourful mongoose so that it sticks in their memory. Also tell them the emergency measure of spitting out the colour if it gets into their mouth.

6. Your kids must play Holi within the premises decided by you and with people you know. Never let them play with unknown people. As almost everybody is unrecognisable on this day, kids can find it difficult to recognise the people they know and the ones they don't. Lots of kidnapping cases happen every year on Holi. Keep an eye on the little ones because they will be too lost to be careful.

Using these parenting tips you can manage your kids during Holi in a better way.

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 6, 2012, 16:23 [IST]
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