Are You Your Kid's Fashion Designer?

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The use of the word 'fashion' in connection with kids would once have been improper. However, now a days, kids fashion is a separate subject as the concepts of 'proper' and 'improper' have changed. You cannot enforce your own sense of fashion on your kids. However, you surely need to monitor your kid's fashion sense.

The clothes that kids wear these days might shock some into indignation while others remain unaffected by it. It is a matter of personal choice. There is nothing with buying fashionable clothes for kids as long as they match your sense of decency and fit your kid comfortably. Here are some things that you must consider while playing the role of a fashion designer to your kid.

Kids Fashion

Ways To Be Your Kid's Fashion Designer:

Comfort is the King: You must never let your kids wear anything that they are uncomfortable in. If your kid chooses a dress which is too short or too flimsy and can carry it confidently, then it is alright. But, if your kids looks visibly uncomfortable in a dress and still wants to wear because it is 'in' then you must object.

Too tight for comfort: Extremely tight clothes can have unfavourable health impacts on your kids. Tight clothes can cause heart burns (indigestion), breathlessness and heat rashes on the body. Your kids do not have to wear 'sacks' but let them wear comfortably well fitting clothes. In fact, you must never try to make them fit into clothes they have outgrown.

No time for high heels: Do not be surprised to know that a 5 year old girl demands high heel shoes these days. So, before your kid starts nagging you for 'heels', you better be prepared. High heels can cause many orthopedic problems like backache and twisted ankles. However, the most important thing is that, it can stunt the height of your kid forever.

No filmy clothes: Kids are so fashion conscious these days that they want to wear whatever they see on the silver screen. If your kid wants clothes that are too provacative, then you must counsel your kids against it. Children are being bombarded with adult content from the media. We must do what little we can to preserve the innocence of their sweet childhood.

What message are you giving: You must be aware of t-shirts that have weird tees. There are many t-shirts (even kid's t-shirts) that give out dubious messages. If your kid is going to grow up wearing t-shirts with messages like "conserve water, drink only beer" or "go green smoke grass", then he or she will probably start believing in them too!

Be very careful and give your kid the right choices as far as clothes are concerned. These parenting tips will help you become your kid's trusted fashion adviser and friend.

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