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Kids Alone At Home: Things You Need To Do

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Kids Alone
Have you been postponing that long due dinner date with your spouse just because you are scared to leave your kids alone at home? Only a parent can know what anxieties go through the mind of another parent when it comes to leaving kids at home. God knows what the little devils will be up to. Not even the insurance companies can take responsibility for the condition in which you will find your home when you return, or worse, the kids could have an accident!

Having said that, it is also true that all parents need to spend some quality adult time away from their kids. So if you follow this checklist of dos and don'ts, leaving kids alone at home might not be such a hassle.

Things To Do Before Leaving Kids Alone At Home:

1. Is Someone Babysitting The Kids? If yes, then it better be a reliable babysitter either hired by you earlier or coming through a recommended source. Never hire random babysitters from vague internet sites because they might be dubious people. There are more stories of accidents happening while babysitting the kids than without any babysitter.

2. List Of Emergency Numbers: You must leave a list of numbers on which you can be contacted in case of an emergency with either the baby sitter or your kids. Include both mobile and landline numbers in this because your mobile may just be out of coverage at an unfortunate time.

3. Never Lock Your Kids In: There have been horror stories of kids who could not escape a fire or an earth quake because they were locked inside the house. You must explain to your kids that they are not to leave home or tell your neighbours that your kids are without parents so be watchful.

4. Teach Kids To Latch The Doors: There are many cases of burglary that happen when the kids are alone at home without parents. Before you leave do a training drill with your kids so that you are assured that they can lock themselves in.

5. Kitchen Is Home Accidents Zone: You must either lock and bar your kitchen before you go, in which case you must leave food for them outside, or turn off the main valve of the gas. Your kids should not use the gas oven when you are not around. All sharp objects (knives, forks etc.) must be out of their reach. It helps to have the refrigerator outside the kitchen because that way you can assure they don't run in to scrounge food.

6. Television Time: Usually when kids are without parents it is a good time for them to have the remote just to themselves. They can watch all the television they want provided you have blocked the channels that are inappropriate for them. Kids are curious and when you are not around they will surf to experiment.

Use these parenting tips to leave your kids alone at home without nagging worries.

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Story first published: Monday, March 5, 2012, 15:42 [IST]
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