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Whenever you decide to go back to work after a 'baby break', the responsibility to find a good day care for your kid falls on your shoulders. All working moms know how tough it is to find a day care that is totally safe for your child. Most of the time, you have to compromise. But, it is important to know where you can compromise and the things that you must not compromise.

For example you can do without comfort while looking for a perfect kids day care but not safety. Check out these points to make sure you choose the right day care for your children.


Close To Your Home Or Work Place: It is vital that your kid's day care be easily accessible for you. This is so that you can reach there quickly in case of any emergency. There might be a strike or a riot in town and you might be asked to take your child home. Your child should not be stranded if any untoward event takes place.

Has CCTV Cameras: Many day care centres for children these days have CCTV cameras installed everywhere. At the end of the day, you receive a Video CD that tells you what your kid did all day. This ensures that your child is not being ill-treated or abused at the day care centre.

Certified Care Givers: The governesses who care for your child at the day care centre must. When there is an urgent requirement, Day care centres recruit anybody who is looking for a job. You have full authority to check the certificates of each and every attendant at the centre because you will be leaving your child under them for whole day. Also make sure that the attendants do not have any criminal record.

Basic Medical Facilities: The day care that you choose must have basic facilities for health care. They should keep medicines for fever, pain killers and diarrhoea. But, as a responsible working mom, you need to make sure that no medication is administered to your child without your permission. Also leave a list of allergic foods with the authorities of the day care centre to avoid complications.

Healthy Food: Most day care centres provide food but a few allow you to bring food from home. Always prefer a day care that allows home food so that your child's nutrition is in your hands. If the child has to eat the food at the day care centre, make sure that it is of the highest possible quality.

Working moms are constantly worried about the child during their work. Finding a good day care for your kid can free you from some of the worries. No one can match your parenting skills but at least your child will be in safe hands.

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Story first published: Monday, July 2, 2012, 18:02 [IST]
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