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How To Be Friends With Your Sibling?

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Be Friends With Your Sibling
Siblings whether related to each other by blood or not, tend to have few rivalries. Sibling rivalry is common in families. But why do siblings have rivalries? When they stay together in a family, conflicts are bound to take place. Both crave to be the best and the most loved child of their parents. A little bit of jealousy and competition builds rivalry from nowhere. These rivalries come up when parents show some signs of biased nature. It may not be intentional but, small issues affects a young mind very easily.

You and your sibling can be friends too! Here are a few tips to help you befriend your brother or sister.

Occasion Your Brother or Sister With Favours and Gifts: You may sometimes help your sibling with their projects or homework. Be a helping hand for your sibling. Sometimes you should also buy them some gifts like a chocolate or a card. This is one of the ways to express your love towards your sibling.

Do Not Interfere: Do not poke your nose into your brother or sister's personal matters. Even if two of you stay together under a roof, he/she needs some personal space. You should not interfere into their lives just because they are your siblings. Avoid reading personal diaries, e-mail, letters or mobile messages. Always knock the door before getting into your sibling's room. This should be more strongly implemented by younger ones. It is considered as a token of respect.

Support Your Sibling: Your brother or sister always looks up to you for support no matter how much issues you have between yourselves. Be it for parents, friends or teachers, cover up your brother's or sister's fault sometimes. You can explain your sibling later when the right time comes. Listen to their problems and try to help them out.

Care and Share: Try to resolve the issues that you have with your brother or sister by talking to each other. Share your happiness, woes, sorrows with them. It will help you befriend with your sibling.

If you find all your attempts to be friends with your brother or sister falling apart then talk to an elder about it. They may counsel you properly and help you out. It might be tough to believe but siblings can be your best of friends. If you know any other way of gelling with your siblings, do share with us bu posting a comment.

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Story first published: Thursday, May 17, 2012, 16:05 [IST]
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