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Best Stocking Stuffers Ideas For Kids!

Posted By: Staff
Stocking Stuffers Kids
Are your seriously running out of stocking stuffers ideas this year? Well it is never easy being parents because you are invariably your kid's Santa Claus. The day you told them the story of the cuddly Saint coming on a sledge from North Pole and climbing down the chimney to give them gifts hidden in stockings, you were doomed. You are and will always be Santa Claus to your children, that mysterious somebody who gives them surprise presents! But even parents are human and stockings stuffers for kids, especially older ones may just exceed your budget.

Here are some cool yet affordable stocking stuffers ideas for parents who have to play Santa Claus to their kids.

Stocking Stuffers Ideas For Santa Claus Parents:

1. Secret Wish Chits: A secret ballot is the best way to know what is on their mind. This is probably something you were used when you were kids. Ask your kids to write what they want in a small piece of paper, fold it up and put in the stockings for Santa to read. Do this a few days before Christmas so that you get the time to buy Christmas gifts for kids and there is no harm in reading because you are the actual Santa.

2. Observe What They Need The Most: Another way to know what your children want is to observe them minutely. You need to watch them keenly and take a call on what they really need. It could be a new bicycle (put the key in the stockings) or an expensive reference book. In this way you can decide and buy the Christmas gifts way in advance.

3. Make A Points Chart: You got to be fair to the kids; make a chart mapping their behaviour during the year. Every time they be good, they get a red mark and for mischief black points. After tabulation, the quality of the kid's Christmas gift will depend on the number of red marks.

4. Stocking Stuffers For Kids Under 10: It is easy to please kids who are under ten years because they are yet to get the exposure of teenage. Stocking stuffer ideas are much easier to come by for children in this age group. Give them a handful of chocolates or a new toy and they are thrilled.

5. Gifts For Teenage Girls: The trouble begins with with teenage. Stocking stuffers for teenaged kids, specially girls can be expensive. Give them something exciting like pretty junk jewellery or a new party dress to stay withing your budget. Do not give any inappropriate gifts for their age.

6. Gifts For Teenage Boys: Boys are slightly less expensive than the girls when it comes to gifts. You can give them a new football and they'll be happy. Football jerseys, video games etc are hit ideas for boys.

These are parenting tips to use the most appropriate stocking stuffers ideas for kids.

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