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Home Safety Tips For Single Mothers

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Home Safety Tips For Single Mothers
Single parenting is definitely not easy as people around may take the advantage of being single. Today we shall a few safety tips for single mothers. Take a look.

Some women would become single mothers because they would want to be independent, some believe in one night stands and end up being parent of the child. Today we shall see how single mothers can safeguard their homes.

Home Safety Tips For Single Mothers -
1. Emergency Phone Numbers – Make a note of all the emergency phone numbers and get it to the notice of the kids. In case of emergency your kid will know what to do and handle trouble.

2. As a single mother you have to teach your kid about locking and opening the door. Your house address needs to be in his notebook and ask him to memorize.

3. Have your cell phone next to bed as it is the easiest ways to inform your neighborhood or cops when something goes wrong.

4. You can also have a dog to guard your house. Pets are always very faithful and can protect house from trespassers.

5. Get friendly with neighbourhood and ask your friends to have an eye on the house in your absence or when you are out of station.

Single parenting is easy if you maintain a good friends circle. Take time, get interactive with people, this is the best parenting tip you can get, your home and family is now safe.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 16, 2011, 17:53 [IST]
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