Preparing Kids For Adolescence: Effective Parenting

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Kids Adolescence
It is extremely hard to educate kids about the goods and bads of the the adolescence. Life isn't that easy in the age as the child is exposed to new things and deciding what he/she wants in life requires guidance and values from parents.

This is where the effective parenting plays an important role as the kids will be told about certain facts of life with others left to them to experience. What to and what not tell to kids who are moving to the adolescent stage is what we will be discussing today. Carefully make a not.

Tip For Parents To Prepare Kids On Adolescence

1. Kids during this age get inquisitive about adultery such as physical intimacy, intercourse and body developments. Parents need not have to worry as it is a natural process. Bookmarking a few good sites which you feel your kids need to have a look and indirectly educating them through online is the best idea. Internet is a boon to many parents as they need not have to explain things but yet help their children know about preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

2. Buying good magazines that talk about women and their body development will allow boys to have a look and get to know the sensitive issues in girls. By doing this, parents need not have to feel shy and children will also feel confident that they know some girl stuff.

3. As parents you need to take examples for celebs or movie characters and educate kids about condoms and STD prevention. Explain them that all is fair in love but not while mating.

4. Enroll them to clubs and libraries as they are free enough to learn and prepare them for adolescence with right frame of mind. Cultivate a habit of reading newspapers and watch knowledgeable channels.

5. Girls will have to undergo a lot physical and mental changes so as mothers they need to be told about the usage of sanitary pads and hygiene tips. Mothers play a big role in the upbringing of girl kids. If girls can be advised directly, boys need education in the indirect ways (daddies can also talk about facts of life with sons).

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Story first published: Thursday, December 1, 2011, 12:17 [IST]
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