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Do You Attend Parent-Teacher Meetings?

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Parent Teacher Meetings
All those parents who think that parent teacher meetings are a ploy to ruin their weekend are making a tactical mistake. You may think that all is well with your child but the kids overall development can be accessed only if your interact with the teachers. Why do we send our children to school? To earn degrees, be socially acceptable or for proper all round education. Education is much more than the grades you see on your child's report card.

Here are some pressing reasons for you to never miss a parent teacher meeting.

Why You Must Attend Parent Teacher Meetings?

  • Just because you see no red marks in the report card it does not indicate that your kid's development is going in the right direction. Even kids with straight 'As' are known to have behavioral disorders. If your child is doing well then you need to interact with his or her teachers to find out how to maintain the good work.
  • If the kid is not doing well parents usually try to avoid parent teacher meetings due to fear or embarrassment. That kind of an approach can ruin your child's life. If you feel that complains are all you get to hear about your child then take it up as a challenge.
  • Your kid's school activities need to be brought your attention. Kids are capable of doing a lots of goof ups including forging signatures. May be you have been unknowingly signing remarks from teachers all this while!
  • Until and unless you attend parents teacher meeting you will not know how your kid is in school. Can he or she handle school interactions with other kids and gel well with the teachers? Is he or she inordinately shy and doesn"t mix? These questions can be answered only in these forums.
  • The behavioural patterns of kids change with developmental stages. Your kid may have been perfectly fine at the beginning of the term but now he is a brat! Only if you attend these meetings regularly will you know the current status of your child.
  • You may not agree with certain school activities your kid is undertaking. You may also have reservations about the way your child is being handled and the teaching methods being used to teach him or her. Meetings are the best place to voice your discontent as a parent.
  • In this open forum you get to meet other parents so that you can compare notes on parenting and also see where your child stands in comparison to children of the same age group.
  • Lack of time is the most lousy excuse you can make to miss such conferences. You will be cheating yourself and cheating your child if you fail to do your duty. Split up meetings between you and your partner to make things more comfortable.

You can get loads of parenting tips from parent teacher meetings.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 30, 2011, 11:56 [IST]
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