How To Help Kids Plan Christmas Party?

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Kids Christmas Party
The festivities of Christmas are more for your kids than you, so do not spoil their fun by tagging them along to adult parties. Your children deserve a kids Christmas party all to themselves. If it is their party then they should plan the party themselves. However your guiding help is always welcome. If your kids have planned to throw a party at your place for Christmas then you can help them getting organised for it.

Here are some tips to help your children plan for their very own kids Christmas party.

Tips To Plan A Kids Christmas Party:

1. Party Invitations: This might be the perfect excuse to make your kids practice some craft and also good handwriting. Guide them to make the invitations for their Christmas party themselves. They can do so by using chart paper and sketch pens and spell out the full names of their friends in pretty cursive handwriting.

2. Christmas Party Themes: It is not like every Christmas party needs to have a theme because Christmas itself is a good enough theme. However you have to leave the decision on the kids who are the party planners for the day. If they want a theme like 'snow' or 'jungle' then they also have tell you how they will organise things they need.

3. Party Decorations: Use only homemade Christmas decorations for this party. Let your kids do simple crafts like making chains or streamers to decorate for their party. The idea is to bring out their creativity in decorating with limited resources. You obviously need to help them put up the decorations to avoid accidents.

4. Costumes For Party: If the kids Christmas party is a costume party then you need to know how these costumes will be arranged. Ask them to use their existing clothes or borrow yours to make their own costumes. You can help them with the stitching and sticking part and also give them ideas from your childhood. A Snow White costume for example can be easily make with white scarves or linen.

5. Menu For Christmas Party: You need to take your kids suggestion for deciding the menu but you rule this part of the party planning because you will cook. If they want anything extra ask them to help in the kitchen.

6. Party Games: Let your kids decide what games they want to play in the party like Housie or Flash Boards. Let them make the preparations, you just be the referee to avoid squabbles. Be around when the games are being played and explain the rules properly; make sure the play by the rules and in the right spirit.

7. Return Gifts: If your kids are keen on giving their friends gifts or prizes for the games, then they have 2 options. They can either make it themselves or give them a budget within which they will buy token gifts.

Use these parenting tips to help organise your kids Christmas party.

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Story first published: Friday, December 23, 2011, 12:10 [IST]
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