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Teaching Your Child To Obey!

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Child Obeying Parents
When it comes to parenting, many would say that it is one of the biggest jobs that involves a lot of handwork, much more than one going to office and sitting behind a desk with a silver screen in front of you. There are some parents, however, who cannot manage the role of parenting and work and that is why they plan to take a break and be a controlled mother or father.

A number of parents would say that the toughest point in parenting is when you have to teach your child to obey! This indeed is one task where most parents fail, on what to do!

Here are a few tricks you can try out with your child in order to teach them that they should obey their parents.

1.The first trick in getting your child to obey you is to understand your child's behavior. Notice as to why your child gives you a deaf ear when it comes to them in doing something, you want them to do. Your child's main reason for not obeying you, could be that they do not like the work you are giving them to do. The best parenting advice at this moment is to sit down with your child and question them as to what they want and try to go accordingly.

2.Making your child obey you is not at all an easy task. As a mother/father, the best parenting tip is for you to create an atmosphere from where the child will learn that obeying is fun and the right thing to do. The best example is for you to play the game, 'Simon Says!' This is one fun activity where you can actually teach your child on how to obey.

3.Teaching your child to obey you has to be in a very subtle way so that it is engraved in the little one's mind. Being a parent doesn't always give you the authority to yell at the child when they disobey. There will be times when you might go out of hand, but the best parenting tip is for you to be patient and teach the child that what he/she is doing or saying is wrong.

4.Set an example for your little one in order to make your child obey you. Set aside some moral time to inculcate your child with values. The best parenting tips is to find time and read to your child, books that are based on moral stories. In this way, your child will learn the true values of life and thus be a blessing to others around him/her.

These are some of the best ways where you can make your child learn to obey you.

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Story first published: Monday, May 2, 2011, 15:30 [IST]
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