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Parenting Teenagers On Infatuation

Parenting a teenager is hard. When our little kids enter the teenage world, they go through certain biological and psychological changes and it is termed as, ' Adolescence'.

Adolescent teens are difficult to handle as they feel that what they are doing is always right. When it comes to parenting a teenage child, the parent had to be very patient and open minded.

Physical attraction to the opposite sex is most common among teens. They are confused with the term, 'true love' and 'infatuation'. They fall in love thinking that their partner is the one for them and that they share undying love for that person. When they fall in love at such an early age, it is infatuation indeed. Parenting a teenager is a challenge for every parent.

As a parent, you have to deal with these consequences, it is your duty and responsibility to warn your wards against the pitfalls of infatuation and its effect on their future.

Here are some parenting tips for those parents whose children are going through the infatuation period:-

1.As a parent you can point out differences between your child and his/her partner. Make your child understand the differences of lifestyle between both the families. Your child would not have noticed the family differences and other aspects in a relationship. Educate them on commitment and pros and cons of being in a relationship and the drastic changes that they will not be able to cope up at such an early age.

2.When you parent your teenage child you should be patient. The best thing for parents to do is to tell their child to wait till they become adults to make the right decision when it comes to their love life and future. Parents should warn their kids not to take hasty decisions. Give them a chance to have their own free time and space for them to grow and get independent. The kids should judge for themselves whether their relationship can stand the test of time.

3.Let your teenage children know the hard ships of life and how difficult it is to maintain a relationship. As a parent of a teenager, you can tell them about security and how important it is to be independent. It is very essential to achieve financial stability.

4.Be a well wisher, supporter and not an opponent while you train you parent your teenager. In this phase of life, it is important that you and your child have an open communication so you know exactly how your child is feeling and what is going on in their mind. Children, who have this infatuation at times go into depression as they feel that they cannot survive with their partner. So parents should take precautionary measures and the only way is to maintain good rapport with each other.

5.Tell them the difference between reality and illusion. Many teenage parents have this habit of forcing their young teens to do what they want and this in turn the teen gives a deaf ear to what their parents has to say. Parents should talk to their teens like young adults instead of treating them like kids.

At last, tell your children that there is nothing wrong in falling in love, provided decisions are taken with a clear mind and a good conscious. Falling in love is the most beautiful emotion that is shared between people.

Parenting your teenage is a big challenge so take it positively and you are bound to bring up a good human being in the society.

Story first published: Monday, September 20, 2010, 15:58 [IST]
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