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Ready For A Baby? Here’s How You Should Be Emotionally Prepared

Becoming parents is a huge step in any relationship. If your partner and you have mutually decided to start a family, get ready for a roller coaster ride of a lifetime. A lot of preparation goes while thinking about having a baby.

In fact, your partner and you must have already gauged your financial stability, job security and what not. Though all of it is relatively easier, you need to be emotionally ready for all the changes happening in your life.

Pregnancy is indeed a hard time for expecting mothers. This is the time when the baby takes precedence over their own lives. Parenthood is indeed a full-time job.

Before being parents, it is time you retrospect your life and see whether you are emotionally ready to have a baby. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you decide to jump into the parent bandwagon.

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1) Are You Emotionally Ready For Pregnancy?

Pregnancy will take a lot of your time and energy. You may be restricted to do some things you love. If you are body conscious, you may not even want to look in the mirror. Most importantly, the pregnancy hormones will wreck havoc on your mind as well and play with your emotions.

You may be angry or upset for no reason. Not doing things you love may leave you frustrated. In fact, there will be a huge change in your lifestyle which you need to be emotionally ready to accommodate. If you are the one who likes to live life in the fast lane, this will be the time to slam hard on those breaks. Instead of loathing, use this time to retrospect the other things in your life.

2) Are You Ready To Be A Mother?

Being a mother is a very thankless job, with endless sacrifices. If you are used to having things your way, motherhood will surely change that for you. You may be required to be constantly on your toes with the baby requiring all your attention.

Feeding, bathing, burping, changing - all this will be your routine until the baby is old enough to take care of her own needs. You may also have to forego your career for a while.

3) Be Prepared To Sacrifice Your "Me" Time

The long relaxing baths that were your favourite thing to do may soon be a thing of the past for you. Even things like a shopping trip may become a tedious task with a baby on board. You may not be able to drive yourself around and may have to depend on others. Visits to the salons will become fewer.

Your friends may complain that they do not see you at all. In fact, you may not even get to see your favourite movie until the baby is a few months old. It is important to remember that things will not remain the same. You can get on back with your life after the initial phase of motherhood.

4) Stay Positive To Face The Unknown-

As a parent, you may have to come across certain situations in life which you may not be prepared to handle. There will be a lot of time when you will be completely unsure of what you are doing.

At such times, it is important for you to think about the well-being of your baby and you and always keep a positive mind. It is always better to consult a medical professional if you are having problems with the baby. They will help you ascertain the root cause and provide solutions.

5) Take Advice From Peers

You will definitely find a lot of people around you who have sailed the boat of pregnancy and parenthood. Though, every pregnancy is not the same, you can certainly get some pointers from them. You can ask them regarding their time management skills, which is something that you may have to rely on heavily. Also, recommendations of a good daycare provider will help you a great deal.

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6) Learn To Manage Your Feelings

Whether you are angry or sad, it is important to be neutral around your baby as your mood may affect them as well. You will have to find a better way to channelize your feelings in the way which does not affect your baby. In fact, your baby may be your calming point.

A lot of mothers feel calm and secure when they play with their baby or spend time with them. If the baby is your object of distress, get some help to look after the baby for a while until you feel better.

Being a mother certainly does not mean that you have to let go of yourself. Though, most of your time will be spent with the baby, it is important to find some time for yourself once in a while. Motherhood will not at all be difficult if you have the right kind of emotional support.

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