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Ladies; Here Is What You Need To Know About Your Tubes Getting Tied

Posted By: Lekhaka
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It is no secret that numerous women choose to undergo a process called tubal ligation every year so as to prevent future pregnancies. Also known as having your tubes tied, the operation is a process where the fallopian tubes are cut or clipped in order to prevent pregnancy.

This article talks about certain facts that you must know before getting your tubes tied.

Facts You Need To Know About Tubes1

1. Periods:
When you get your tubes tied, it does not affect your periods at all. So if you see a change in your periods, after your tubes have been tied, you might want to find out other causes that might be responsible for it.

Facts You Need To Know About Tubes2

2. Getting Pregnant:
The chances of you getting pregnant even after your tubes have been tied is very less. However, there are cases in which women have become pregnant even after their tubes were tied. These are rare occurrences.

Facts You Need To Know About Tubes3

3. Eggs:
The eggs that your body produces will be produced as usual. These travel through the tubes during normal circumstances. When your tubes will be tied, they will be absorbed into the tubes and will be of no concern. You do not have to worry about what will happen to them.

Facts You Need To Know About Tubes4

4. Vasectomy:
If you and your partner have decided not to go for babies, then your partner can go for vasectomy instead of you going all the way and getting your tubes tied. This is because vasectomy is easier and cheaper than your tubes getting tied. It also involves the use of local anaesthesia.

Facts You Need To Know About Tubes5

5. C-Section:
If you are going for a C-section and have decided not to go for babies after this, then you can ask your doctor to tie your tubes right after childbirth. This is far more easier to be done during this stage.

Facts You Need To Know About Tubes6

6. Surgery:
Since it is a surgery and involves the usage of anaesthesia, it carries certain risks as well. If not done properly, it can end up affecting your bowels and bladder as well.

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Story first published: Monday, January 23, 2017, 15:01 [IST]
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