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Can Noise Pollution Kill Male Fertility?

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Today male fertility disorders abound. What affects male fertility? Does sound pollution harm the male fertility? If your house is situated in an area where there are too many noises throughout the day, would your sperm count be affected?

Though it may sound weird to most of us, health experts say that there are chances of a dip in male fertility levels if there is exposure to noise pollution!

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If you are already shocked, then carefully read these facts to gain some clarity.


Can Noise Pollution Kill Male Fertility?

A new study claims that the risk of infertility in males could increase if there is prolonged exposure to environmental noise!



Noise can have several other consequences. But this study specifically says that male fertility and noises are linked.

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55 Decibels Is The Limit!!

A man who is exposed to noises which are beyond 55 decibels day and night for prolonged periods then the fertility levels may see a dip.


Check Up!

If all other conditions are fine, and still male fertility is reduced, then it is better to check the night time noise decibels in your area, say experts.

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Noisy Area?

If your house is right next to a highway or industries that work round the clock, then you may be at risk.


What To Do?

May be usage of noise cancellation headphones, meditation and reducing household sounds at night may partially help if you are living in an area where there are sounds.

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