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At What Age Does Male Fertility Decline?

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Do you think men can stay fertile forever? Well, that's a myth. Age does matter a lot. Gradually, a man tends to lose his baby-making abilities.

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After a man reaches 40 years of age, his sperm quality starts waning. This is the reason why men tend to take longer to make their partners pregnant after 40. Also, their attempts could lead to a miscarriage too.

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Some studies say that kids born to very old fathers may suffer the risk of certain health issues both mental and physical.
As age isn't in our hands, health experts recommend reproduction at a healthy age instead of postponing it for certain reasons.


Fact #1

With each passing year, sperm count and motility will tend to decrease in men. This affects fertility too.


Fact #2

A recent study claims that children born to an old father may have higher chances of suffering autism. The risk could increase 5-6 times compared to other kids of young men.


Fact #3

A woman whose partner is above 45, may have higher chances of suffering a miscarriage.


Fact #4

A young man may just need a couple of months to impregnate a woman whereas after 40,a man may need nearly two years.


Fact #5

For couples who are aged above 45, the chances of having a baby reduces drastically.


Fact #6

As the sperm quality diminishes with age, a stage might come in a man's life where he can never impregnate a woman. Therefore, trying at an earlier age is recommended.


Fact #7

Even if a woman is young, if her partner is above 45, the risk of suffering a miscarriage may drastically increase.

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