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7 Surprising Myths About Parenting You Must Not Believe!

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If you are a parent, then you would surely realise how hard and yet satisfying the experience of parenting can be. To be an even better parent, you must stop believing in certain parenting myths, right away!

When you become a parent, especially if it is your first time, you will hear and see a lot of advice about parenting everywhere you go.

Be it from your friends and relatives, neighbours, magazines, blogs, etc., there is no shortage of unsolicited advice for new parents.

Many a times, new parents get so overwhelmed with all the advice that they are not sure which ones are accurate and which ones are just myths!

If you believe in certain myths that you think are true, when it comes to parenting, you could be putting your child's health and well-being at risk!

So, it is extremely important to do some research and make yourself aware of certain facts about parenting and develop the skill to differentiate between myths and facts.

Here are a few surprising myths about parenting that you must never believe, have a look.


1. Do Not Carry Your Kid If He/She Is Crying

Many people believe in this myth and feel that this will "spoil" the child, and your child will not learn discipline. However, young kids need to be held, so that they can calm down!


2. Cold Weather Causes Common Cold

This is another popular parenting myth, which is not entirely true. If your child's immune system is weak, he/she may get infected with ailments regardless of the weather outside.


3. Teething Causes Fever

This is an ancient parenting myth believed by people since many years. However, while the child may experience pain in the mouth and head, fever may not always be caused by teething.


4. Juice Is Healthy For Kids

A parenting tip to know is that juice, if it is not 100% organic, is not healthy for kids, as it may be loaded with sugar that may result in tooth decay.


5. Put Your Child's Needs Before Yours

This is another popular parenting myth, while it is important to dedicate time for your kids, it is also crucial that you spend some quality time taking care of your needs.


6. Being Upset With Your Kids Makes You A Bad Parent

Being upset when your child does something wrong and advising him/her firmly does not make you a bad parent, contrary to this parenting myth.


7. Vaccines Cause Autism

This is a popular parenting myth that many people believe in; however, a research study claimed that vaccinations do not lead to autism and are quite safe to be administered.

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Story first published: Monday, September 19, 2016, 16:06 [IST]
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