Effective Contraception Methods After Unprotected Intercourse

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Those were the years when contraceptive methods were meek. Today, there are a ton of options for both men and women to look into if they are not ready to start a family.

Pregnancy is a big step in a couple's life.

Couples have to be more than a hundred percent sure to have a baby. However, unplanned pregnancy cannot be altered if no action is taken at the right time.

What Contraception To Use During Lactation?

Contraceptive methods after intercourse are a must, if you want to prevent pregnancy. Most of the time, women are obligated to take a pill or opt for natural ingredients that prevent conception; but today, men too can look into other simpler ways to prevent pregnancy. Men have the option of wearing condoms and there are also a few pills men can take too, but scientists haven't proved these pills to be authentic and safe yet.

Contraception Methods

To prevent pregnancy, one should simply follow these contraception methods. Experts state that women should avoid consuming pills without the knowledge of an expert as pills have side effects which can destroy the chances of getting pregnant in the future. So, take a look at what a couple needs to do after unprotected intercourse:

7 Benefits Of Pills Beyond Contraception

Contraception Methods

That Pill - Most women pop in an emergency contraceptive pill. Though this little pill has a lot of side effects like bleeding, abdominal pain and sore breasts, women still find the need to pop the pill to prevent pregnancy. This contraception method after intercourse is effective and should be taken in less than 48 hours. The pill blocks the implantation of the fertilised egg.

Contraception Methods

IUD - The IUD or the intrauterine device is one of the safest and effective contraception methods for women. This is a T-shaped piece of plastic which is inserted into the uterus of the woman. The minor surgery is performed only by a certified doctor. There are different types of intrauterine devices out of which a woman can choose a copper of a progestin one. After the insertion of the IUD, the chances of getting pregnant are one in a million. However, this device needs to be inserted in the uterus of the woman within 72 hours in order to prevent an unplanned pregnancy.

In the future, it is always better to opt for preventive measures to prevent pregnancy. It is also important to consult a gynecologist before considering any of these effective contraception methods after intercourse.

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