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Dealing With Stress After Induced Abortion


Induced abortion can be a trauma. There have been many debates surrounding the topic of abortion. Some researches have shown that there is no significant emotional changes in women who have gone through induced abortion. However, most of the studies have shown that women go through an extreme psychological trauma after having an abortion.

Abortion leads to a surge of various emotions in women. These emotions include guilt feelings, anxiety, depression, the sense of loss, anger and even suicide in extreme cases. The reason for experiencing these emotions is largely because most women are not certain about their own feelings about the abortion. These feelings of loss and guilt are often the reason for women to indulge in substance abuse and self harm.

After the process of grieving over the aborted baby, the time comes to deal with the post abortion syndrome. Then there are a few tasks that need to be accomplished. Here is how women should deal with the stress after an induced abortion.

Remember the pain: The first step is to let the repressed emotions come out. Because of the shame, guilt and pain the emotions of losing the child gets repressed inside. You need to let these hidden emotions come out. Only then the mind is able to process the loss and deal with it.

Identifying the anger: Most women who have gone through induced abortion are reluctant to voice out their anger. They may not have actually wanted to abort the child. But, circumstances would have forced them to do it. The anger arising out of it remains repressed. This repressed anger may burst out any time causing disruption in daily functioning. So, it is very important that a post abortive woman vents out her anger.

Seek counselling: Once a woman has gone through the pain of abortion, there is nothing left to be done. But you can definitely talk about it to someone. If you do not feel comfortable talking about it to your spouse or a family member, then it is better to seek professional help. Seeking a counsellor's help can help you to deal with the stress. A counsellor provides you with the therapies and required help you need to cope with the stress.

These are a few ways to deal with the emotional stress you face after induced abortion. Follow these steps and you may be able to cope with the pain in an easier way.

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