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Pregancy Fashion: Do's And Dont's

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While you are pregnant there are several fashion do's and dont's that you have to maintain and follow. And this is not only about health. Women have to be very careful about the style they follow even in those days. Here are some fashion do's and donts that you must follow while pregnant.

Pregnancy Fashion

High Heels- All of you must be aware of the fact that wearing heels is bad for the health especially during pregnancy. Apart from leading to a plethora of health issues there are also chances of an accident. Your ankle can twist and you might injure yourself. And this can even cause a miscarriage. Wearing heels falls among the fashion dont's during pregnancy.

Tights- Most of us are accustomed to wearing tight fitting clothes during pregnancy. But if you consider some good fashion tips then you should never do that. Tight clothes gives rise to a plenty of pregnancy issues. Sometimes, a pregnant woman deliberately wears tight fitting clothes just to hide her baby bump. But, this falls among the worst fashion do's. This can affect the health of the child in your womb. Always wear loose fitting cotton clothes that will keep you comfortable.

Makeup- Love applying makeup? Well, keep it for some other time. Do not try different makeup during this time. That is because when you apply a lipstick or a nail polish at least some part of it goes into your stomach. This cause a toxic affect on your body which equally affects your baby. Hence, even if you use them try using the herbal and non-toxic ones that will not harm you and your child much.

Hair Colur- Colouring your hair does not definitely fall among the fashion do's of pregnancy. Almost all hair colours contain ammonia. This chemical has a pungent smell and when inhaled can cause nausea and even vomiting. This can worsen the health conditions during pregnancy. Thus it is suggested not to colour your hair while you are pregnant. And even if you do then use natural colouring agents like henna and reetha.

Surgeries- Any kind of a cosmetic surgery during pregnancy for enhancing your beauty is certainly not one of the fashion do's. Many chemicals are used during a cosmetic surgery that penetrates the skin and gets mixed with the bloodstream. This causes several pregnancy issues.

Undergarments- Never wear tight undergarments during pregnancy. Your body will produce milk during this period and that is why you should keep those private parts light so that blood doesn't clot.

These are all the fashion do's and dont's during pregnancy that one must follow. Follow them to remain healthy and evade any kind of problems in pregnancy.

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