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How To Use An Ovulation Calender?

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Ovulation Calender
An ovulation calender is a very useful tool to help you in planning your pregnancy to perfection. With our busy work schedules and super fast lives, it gets a little difficult to keep track of your 'time' of the month. Also,1 in 3 women these days suffer from conditions like poly cystic ovaries due yo which they have erratic periods. In case your periods are too far apart, you may have to use ovulation strips

In that case , if you are trying to conceive, it makes sense to keep some record of your tentative dates for menstruation. Here is a guide to what an ovulation calender is and how to go about using it.

Guide To An Ovulation Calender: Why You Need It?

1. It is not like you need an ovulation calender only if your periods are erratic. You could do with using one even if you have regular periods. In that case the calculation becomes easy do even manually.

2. First of all you need to observe the approximate length of your cycle (the cyclic occurrence of menstruation after every month). A normal cycle should be in between 28 to 31 days. It can be a couple of days more or less and you still need not worry. Its perfectly normal.
3. Mark the day you get your period on the calender and then mark it again the next time you get it. This is the best way to know the time period. If you have widely varying results for 3 months then your periods are erratic.

4. For a normal 28 day cycle, the12th, 13th, 14th and 15th day of your cycle is supposed to be the best to conceive. If you are planning a pregnancy then try on these days calculating from the day you started menstruating.

5. If your cycle is longer or shorter then you need to manipulate the days accordingly. The longer your cycle gets the tentative 'unsafe' period will also increase because you are uncertain on which day your chances are highest.

6. If your period are too far apart and it is impossible to keep track manually then you have another interesting option these days. An electronic ovulation calender can be used to calculate your exact ovulation period.

7. All you have to do is enter the date of your last period and the approximate length of your cycle. The calender will calculate and tell you which your best days for conceiving are. You can find out your ovulation period online from such calenders.

8. You can also use what we call ovulation strips to be 100 percent sure while planning a pregnancy. Insert them in your vagina and a change of colour will indicate if you are ovulating on that particular day.

Using these tips for getting pregnant with the help of an ovulation calender.

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Story first published: Monday, January 16, 2012, 12:44 [IST]
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