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You Should Not Plan A Pregnancy When..

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Planning Pregnancy
Pregnancy is an obvious 'good news' or the couple. But, with a bit of careful planning, you can make it happier. After all, you will get pregnant for maximum 3 times in your life. So, it is always better to plan your pregnancy in a perfectly synchronised way. Most of us do not realise that 'planning' a pregnancy is not just about managing finances and keeping a gap within your children, your general health before pregnancy should also be considered. Here are certain conditions under which you should not plan a pregnancy.

Do Not Plan A Pregnancy When...

1. You are anemic. You may look healthy from outside but your blood report is a real indication of your health. If your blood count, especially hemoglobin count, is low, you should not get pregnant immediately. Ideally, women should have a hemoglobin count of at least 12 before pregnancy.

2. You have hypothyroid. Thyroxine is a very important hormone before pregnancy and also during the entire course of your pregnancy. Firstly, if your thyroid is under active, you might not get pregnant at all due to improper ovulation. Hyperactivity of the thyroid gland can also impair the feotus's brain. So, you need to make sure that your thyroid is controlled to a normal level before pregnancy.

3. You had an infectious disease recently. If you or your partner have recently had chicken pox, malaria, hepatitis or any other infectious disease, then you should not conceive. You are not supposed to plan a pregnancy for at least 3 months after you have any of these infectious diseases.

4. You had a miscarriage recently. If you go by medical advice, you should not conceive for at least an year after having a miscarriage or an abortion. Your womb or uterus has undergone an injury or shock. This internal healing takes time.

5. You have high blood sugar. It is not like diabetics cannot get pregnant. What you need to do is, keep your blood sugar under control. You should not get pregnant unless your blood sugar comes down to normal. This is to avoid complications if you develop gestational diabetes additionally.

6. Your stress levels are high. The stress hormone can play havoc with your pregnant body. If you have a very high pressure job or anxiety from the family front, then it best to wait for a more peaceful time to get pregnant.

It is vital to plan a pregnancy well. If you have any of the above conditions, wait for a more viable time to conceive.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 7, 2012, 13:36 [IST]
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