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When Should You Not Get Pregnant?

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When Not To Get Pregnant
There are certain conditions under which you should not get pregnant even if you can. These conditions may be medical, situational or emotional. Where it is suitable for your to go ahead with a pregnancy, tests will have to decide. It is not necessary that you have problems conceiving; you can conceive normally and yet there might be conditions unknown to you because of which you cannot carry the baby full term.

As it may be a risk to both your life and the baby's you should not get pregnant under the following conditions.

When You Should Not Get Pregnant?

1. Hypothyroid: A thyroid hormone test before pregnancy is a must because if you have hypothyroid then the child may be born with a series of illnesses. First of all if you have hypothyroid you might have problems conceiving because it regulates the egg production of the ovaries. Even men who have hypothyroid have problems leading to infertility. If uncontrolled concentration of the thyroid hormone in the mother can cause haemorrhage and disrupt the neurological development of the baby.

2. Diabetes: It is not gestational diabetes we are talking about. If you have diabetes and want to get pregnant then you must first bring your blood sugar level under control. High blood sugar levels leads to underweight babies, preterm birth and also babies with congenital birth defects.

3. Hemophilia: This is condition under which the victim's blood does not clot easily. You simply must not get pregnant under these condition because child birth involves blood loss and if uncontrolled can lead to death.

4. Genetically Transmitted Diseases: Some rare diseases are such that they are passed on in the family through your genes. It may be a dormant gene in one generation and show in the next. Some mental illnesses and also hemophilia is one such disease. It is very difficult for normal tests before pregnancy to detect these; only a detailed history of the families on both sides might give a clue.

5. History Of High Risk Pregnancy: If you have already had a high risk pregnancy where you narrowly missed dying then you should not attempt another one. You may not always be second time lucky. Women who have history of low lying placenta, high blood pressure and prior miscarriages must not get pregnant without medical clearance.

6. Your First Child Is A Special Child: In case you have a child who suffers from cerebral palsy or is Mongoloid child then you must take your doctor's advice before conceiving again. It may be a genetic disorder that has a chance of recurring.

You can avoid risking your life and the chance of serious birth disorders for your baby if you do not get pregnant under the above conditions.

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Story first published: Friday, January 13, 2012, 14:13 [IST]
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