When Your Man Is Infertile..

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If you have a fertility problem where in you cannot conceive then you can blame yourself, try to fight it and find a way to survive. But if your man is infertile, then the problems get slightly more complicated. You can still get pregnant and have a child for the two of you. But you have to be careful about how you broach the subject of infertility to men.

The good news is that infertility problems in men are far fewer and far less complicated than women. Here are some of your options if your partner has a fertility problem.

Men Infertility

When your man is infertile..

Find out why: Men have two very basic fertility problems.; one is low sperm count and the other is bad sperm motility. He may also be impotent, but that is a different story altogether.

Sperm Count: This figure refers to quantity of sperm. It will tell you how much sperm you have and can be determined with a sperm count test. If your husband or partner has low sperm count then he needs to take less stress, stop smoking and make some other lifestyle scavenges. Some food like citrus fruits, seafood, barley etc can increase sperm count.

Sperm Motility: This figure refers to the motility or the mobility of the sperm. Once the sperm goes into the vagina, it needs to swim to the uterus and meet the egg there. But some sperms are poor quality sperms that do not have the stamina to swim through the vaginal tract. This infertility problem in men too has its solutions. Sperm motility can be improved by medications and home remedies.

Sperm Donation: If the quality and quantity of your partner's sperm does not improve even after treatment, then you can go to a sperm donor. There are many sperm banks nowadays that accept sperm donation. You can go through the profile of the donor and check for hereditary diseases, physical features and talents. Then you can go for a process of artificial insemination where the sperm is injected into your uterus directly to make fertilization possible.

IVF: In Vitro fertilisation or test tube babies is your last option. It is an expensive and complicated process but it has its plus points too. First of all, the baby will genetically belong to your baby if you can go for IVF. You need just just a few sperms to make a baby in a petra dish and even if your partner's sperm count is low, that can be managed most of the time. IVF also has a very high success rate and if you are fit to bear a baby then it shouldn't be a problem at all.

These are some of the options to take if men have infertility problems.

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