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Emotional Effects Of Infertility

By Sneha

Many couples go through a cycle of distressing emotions when they come to know that either one of them are infertile. Infertility problems give rise to a wide range of emotional effects on the couple. Parenthood is the most desired stage in an adult's life. Failure to accomplish it gives rise to negative emotional effects in their lives. Infertility problems have such serious emotional effects that they even put their career and personal lives at stake.

Let us see the psychological impact of infertility problems.

Emotional Effects On The Female Partner- If it is that one person whom infertility problems effect the most then it is the female partner. From childhood to a marriage, a girl always cherishes the hope to be a mother some day. For a woman, only a child can complete her. Depression in women who suffer from infertility is equivalent to the depression in patients who have cancer or heart disease. Women being the emotional caretakers of the family get into depression when they come to know that they cannot satisfy the greatest emotional requirement of their family.

Psychological Impact On The Male Partner- Responses of the male partner to sensitive issues as such are always different from their better halves. Most of the times they keep their emotions within their self and fail to express their grief. Men think that by default they have to be the strong ones in their family and hence can show no signs of weakness. They come to support and console their female partner though they feel equally lost. But problem arises when the man has infertility problems. Their male ego is hurt and they get wild. This sometimes affects the husband-wife relationship in the family.

Effects On The Couple and Other Relations- Infertility has a great psychological impact on the relationship of the couple. They feel responsible for each others distress. As they cannot blame each other for such issues, quarrels break out on silly matters and things get worse . But things works in the opposite way too. Partners get all the more close and their relationship strengthens due to their shared grief.

Effects On The Family-The emotional effects of infertility on the family as whole cannot be ruled out either. Most of the times they fail to understand the real problem and start blaming the woman for it. They should become all the more supportive in this case as be it a man or a woman, no one becomes infertile out of their own free will.

Though it is really difficult to handle such delicate emotional aspects of the human mind you should be patient with such problems. Infertility can be completely cured by medical treatments. If you are suffering from infertility then consult a gynaecologist at the earliest.

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