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Why Can You Get Pregnant On The Pill?

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Pregnant On Pill
Did you get pregnant on the pills you are taking for birth control? Don't be surprised, it is a common occurrence. But do not blame the poor oral contraceptive pills for it, they are still the best contraception methods available to women. The fault lies with us women actually. You have heard from experienced girlfriends that even birth control pills can result in unwanted pregnancies. But has anyone ever told you why?

Here are some of the reasons for which it is possible for women to get pregnant on the pill and most of them are self created.

Reasons Why You Can Get Pregnant On The Pill:

1. Did You Miss A Pill? The most obvious reason for ending up with unwanted pregnancies is missing the pill. Usually if you are traveling or running on tight schedule you tend to forget that you are to take the pill. You may feel that missing one,won't really matter but your entire hormonal scenario changes because of it.

2. Do You Take The Pill When Ever You Remember? Another seeming trifle cause of the oral contraceptive pill not working for you maybe that you take it whenever you feel like. The pill is not a vitamin tablet that you can take it when ever you remember. You have to take it at a fixed time everyday. Put a reminder on your mobile phone in case you forget.

3. Have You Got The Brand Right? Not all brands of oral contraceptive pills contain the same amount or concentration of progesterone. Even minor variations (10-15 mg) can get you pregnant on the pill. The pills are prescribed depending on your body weight so always take the one prescribed by your doctor.

4. Do You Drink Just Before Or After Taking The Pill? Alcohol can negate the effectiveness of the pill if you taken within the vicinity of having the pill. It takes about half an hour for the pill to get absorbed in the body so don't drink during that time.

5. Are You On Antibiotics? Certain types of medications like antibiotics, anti fungal and anti seizure medicines interfere with the working of the pill. So if you are taking these medicines, use other modes of contraception that month.

6. Do You Have Diarrhea? If you are taking the pill for family planning and you happen get diarrhea or bouts of vomiting, then the pill won't work. It will get flushed out of the body even before it starts working. This particular point becomes important because the modern birth control pills have a very low dose of progesterone unlike the older generation pills.

These are the reasons why you can get pregnant on the pill. So if you are using the pill for family planning and any of the above incidents happen, it is best to use contraceptives like condoms or diaphragms for the rest of the month.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 25, 2012, 13:37 [IST]
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