Faint Line In Pregnancy Test Means?

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In earlier days, blood test only used to prove if you are pregnant or not. Now, many kits are available in medical stores that you can try at home. Pregnancy test kit is a method to check if you are pregnant or not. It is simple and takes just a minute to detect pregnancy. Many women have started using this to know if they are pregnant. However, there is a method to know if you have conceived.

What happens when you take a pregnancy test?

Faint Line In Pregnancy Test Means?

Before taking the pregnancy test, read the instructions given in the kit. There is a drawing and words explanation to help you understand the procedure in a better way. Pour few drops of FMU (first morning urine) in the test strip. After you use the pregnancy test strip, you will find lines or pulses in the testing window. Through these lines you come to know if you are pregnant or not. Ideally it shows positive, negative or invalid test results.

What if there is a faint line after the test?

In many brands, one pink line means you are pregnant whereas two pink lines mean you are not pregnant (depending from brand to brand). However, sometimes a faint line may appear thus creating confusion. This faint line appears on the second pink line. One dark pink line and another faint pink line can make you think if you are pregnant or not.

A faint line means you are pregnant?

Yes! Usually a faint line shows that you are pregnant. Wondering why a thin line appears and what that means, right? There are many reasons for the faint line to appear. make sure the faint line appears in the required time duration. This means the line should be visible immediately after taking the test when you are waiting for the results.

Why a faint line appears?

  • The faint line appears if the hCG levels (human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is found in lower quantity, the faint line can appear.
  • hCG proves your pregnancy but if the levels is low, it will show a faint line.
  • Diluted urine also leads to the formation of a faint line on the pregnancy test strip.
  • The test strip has not absorbed hCG levels to darken the colour line.
  • The faint line also appears if you test before time and ovulation happened later than counted in the calender.
  • If the faint line appears every time you take a test and then suddenly turns negative, it means you have had an early miscarriage.

These are few reasons to know why a faint line appears on the pregnancy test strip and what it actually means. However, it is best to consult a gynaecologist and get sure to be on the safer side. This is because, home pregnancy tests are not always 100% correct.

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