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Questions To Ask Your Gynec: Basics

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Before you get pregnant there are many things that you need to plan and be careful about. There are many questions that you may want to ask your gynaecologist before getting pregnant. Some common issues and questions haunt a couple. Especially the first timers are full of inquisitiveness about a lot of issues. Here are a few questions related to pregnancy that you can ask your gynaecologist and remain alert about such issues.

Question 1

Pregnancy Questions

The first question related to pregnancy that you might ask the gynaecologist is, 'What are the early symptoms of pregnancy?'

Question 2

Many couples have a trouble while conceiving due to their unhealthy lifestyle. So, with all such examples of couples, another one of the pregnancy questions that you might ask is, "What changes do I need to make in my lifestyle if I want to get pregnant?"

Question 3

There have been many cases where a couple does not even know that they are expectant parent before an accident happens while travelling. So you might ask your gynaecologist "Is travelling long distances during pregnancy safe?"

Question 4

You need to check your food habits a lot while you are pregnant, as there are some foods that might even lead to a miscarriage. So to know such things beforehand ask your gynaecologist, "What foods are not safe to be consumed during pregnancy?" And at the same time you might even ask which foods shall help you get pregnant faster.

Question 5

The first thing to do while you think that you are expecting is take a home pregnancy test. So ask your gynaecologist, "If you need another test to confirm it and if these home tests are reliable?"

Question 6

Missing periods and having irregular periods may be a sign of pregnancy problems. If you have them then one of the best pregnancy questions for you would be, "If irregular or missed periods are a sign that you will have problems to conceive."

Question 7

"When is the best time to try for a baby?", is one of the most frequently asked questions by many couples. Get to know it and then plan your pregnancy accordingly.

Question 8

If you are not able to conceive even after trying for a few months then there is nothing to get worried about it. Just ask your gynaecologist, "How much time we might have to try before conceiving?"

Ask all of the above questions to your gynaecologist and get pregnant with all the first hand knowledge.

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