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Conceive Twins With These Fertility Foods

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Want to conceive twins? Well its always not genes and luck that matters. There are certain fertility foods that help you to conceive twins. Heap some amount of good nutrition into your diet and increase the chances of having twins in your family. It has been proved that a healthy diet helps increases your chances of conception. There aren't any fertility foods that guarantee you the birth of twins. But there are some foods that increase the probability of having twins. So bite into these fertility foods and multiple your chances to conceive twins.

Yams- The people in the Yaruba tribe in Nigeria have been reported to have a high rate of twin births. A study on them linked this fact with the high consumption of yams in their diet. Yams belong to the tuber family and are a rich source of phytoestrogens and progesterone. The chemical present in yams aids hyper-ovulation. People with a consumption of wild yams have been reported to have a high rate of multiple births.

Fertility Foods For Twins

Dairy Products- Dairy products like milk, cheese, butter and curd may increase your chances of having twins. All dairy products are a rich source of calcium. Calcium is not only responsible for bone health but also for a healthy reproductive system. According to Dr. Gary Steinman, a physician at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, women who have high consumption of dairy products have five times more chances of having twins than women who don't. These fertility foods not only increase the chances of having twins but are also very good for the healthy bone development of the child. But don't go on piling these foods into your fertility rich diet as you would just gain some extra kilos by doing so.

Folic Acid Supplements- Studies have linked the consumption of folic acids with the birth of twins. Foods like beans, spinach and beetroot are good fertility foods as they are a rich source of folic acid. Have a diet rich in these foods. A study conducted by an Australian team found out that the chances of having twins increases by 40% in a woman who has folic acid supplements with her normal food while trying to conceive.

Complex Carbohydrates- Foods containing complex carbohydrates like whole grains, beans and vegetables are excellent foods if you want to conceive twins. They increase ovulation and do not spike insulin levels. Apart from helping you to have twins, consumption of these fertility foods also prevents any kind of neural tube defects.

So take on a fertility diet with these foods and take a step ahead towards fulfilling your dream of having twins.

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