Celebrities Who Got Pregnant After 40

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Celeb Pregnancy After 40
Celebrity pregnancies are much celebrated but may be not for the right reasons. Apart from the the hue and cry that the media builds around it there is an interesting fact hidden. Most of these women manage to have a pregnancy after 40 and that in itself is an amazing fact. For most normal women age of pregnancy is an important factor and 40 is the time you are moving towards your menopause.

So conceiving post 40 is an achievement but these famous celebrity pregnancies make it look so easy.

Celebrity Pregnancies That Happened Post 40:

1. Julia Roberts: This celebrity mom had a double whammy at the age of 37 when her twins Hazel and Finn were born. But that wasn't enough to make her happy. At the age of 40 the Pretty Woman star conceived and delivered a healthy baby boy. Henry is now a healthy 4 year old boy.

2. Halle Berry: The Bong Girl went through many failed pregnancy tests before she could give the 'good news' to her French Canadian boyfriend. Halle Berry's was a celebrity pregnancy at 41 that made news because she was expecting the baby on 14 of February, Valentine's Day. Their daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry was finally born in March.

3. Salma Hayek: This sultry beauty's recent marriage to French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault made news. Actually the French connection had been struck a couple of years back. Salma Hayek at 41 gave birth to her first baby Valentina Paloma fathered by her French lover. Their daughter was 2 when they married in 2009.

4. Madonna: You may know only about her adopted children who celebrated her marriage to Guy Richie with her. The pop diva had a pregnancy after 40 to give birth to a son fathered buy Guy Richie who is now her ex husband.

5. Brook Shields: The case of this celebrity pregnancy is really interesting because it reverses the natural order. Brook Shields had to go though several in vitro fertilisation procedures at 37 to be able to conceive her first daughter, Rowan. At 40 she naturally conceived and delivered her daughter Grier

6. Nicole Kidman: Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman adopted 2 kids in the course of their ten year marriage. Her pregnancy after 40 yielded a lovely little girl called Sunday Rose fathered by her second husband.

7. Julianne Moore: This red headed star gave birth to her second child, her daughter who is a clone of her. The same flowing red hair and features. So do we have another talented actress in our kitty?

8. Uma Thurman: The latest to join the band wagon is the Kill Bill star. She is already a celebrity mom to the two kids she had from her ex husband Ethan Hawke and now at 41 she is pregnant with a baby expected sometime in May!

These celebrity pregnancies are hope for women over 40 that they too can get a taste of motherhood.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 29, 2012, 16:33 [IST]
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