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Getting Pregnant After 40

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Pregnancy At 40
If you are planning to get pregnant at the age of 40, it is difficult as there are a lot ODF risks associated with the age. Today, we will discuss on getting pregnant at 40 and more on old age pregnancy. Take a look.
Women may have delayed getting pregnant because of work and relationship but as per the experts, it is impossible for women over 40 to get pregnant with their own eggs. And if you find 40 plus women getting pregnant, it may be with a lot of fertility treatments.

Advantages Of Getting Pregnant At 40 -

1. May be it is too late to have a baby after 40 but according to fertility specialists, financial experts and relationship councilors, it has its own advantages.

2. One of the biggest advantages of having a baby after 40 is that the parents will be matured, financially settled and would have a better picture of the future. Raising children wouldn't become a problem as they would have good money and position in their work life. Parents would have understood each other well and then planned on having their own brood.

3. One of the biggest advantages of old age pregnancy is that they would have had live experiences of taking care of their sibling or friend's children. They would enough ideas on breastfeeding and baby diet. They can independently decide on their child's nutrition.

4. One of the main disadvantage of having children at early age is the immaturity and lack of understanding in the parents. Young parents may fail in marriage as they wouldn't have understood each other unlike the couple over 40.

5. Women at the age of 40 would have accomplished success and had the taste of being a senior at workplace. They wouldn't worry much about work as their team can function through their assistance. Having a baby after 40 wouldn't harm work and progress of the couple.

Old age pregnancy may need a lot of attention and care, but the process has its own pros annd cons. If you are planning to get pregnant after miscarriage, you may have to seek advice of the fertility specialist.

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 17, 2011, 17:17 [IST]
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