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Avoid These Toxins During Breastfeeding Stage!

Are you wondering what all to avoid while breastfeeding? During pregnancy, mothers take a lot of care when it comes to the food they eat and the types of exercises they do. But the same applies to the breastfeeding stage too.

Until the baby grows into a stage where he or she can eat food, whatever a mother eats may influence the baby either in a positive way or a negative way as the baby survives only on milk.

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So, here are some things to avoid while breastfeeding. If you are a breastfeeding mom, you may need to follow these suggestions carefully.


What To Avoid Whilst Breastfeeding?

Firstly, if you have the habit of smoking, it is very important to quit it during pregnancy and breast feeding stages.

What about second hand smoke? Well, exposure to even secondhand smoke is bad for your baby. It could raise the risk of sudden infant death syndrome! So, even your partner is recommended to stay smoke free at least at home.


You may need to be careful about the medication you use. Avoid over-the-counter painkillers or any other medication during the breastfeeding stage.

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If you have any health issues that need medication, consult your doctor and inform about your breastfeeding stage so that you may be given medication that doesn't affect the baby.

Skin Lotions

Be careful with the lotions and creams that you apply on your skin. As your baby needs to come in contact with your skin and nipples, use only products prescribed by your doctor.


Avoid antiperspirants and deodorants during the breastfeeding stage. The toxic chemicals present in them may stay on your skin and may trouble the baby during breastfeeding.

Allergic Foods

Are there any foods to avoid during breastfeeding? If you are allergic to certain foods, avoid them during breastfeeding.

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Consuming caffeine and nuts may cause stomach upset in the baby as the milk that you provide may get affected.

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